My Experiences With Bedrooms Ideas

I have always enjoyed interior decorating. Remodeling or decorating my home has always been one of my favorite hobbies because it gives me such an opportunity to express myself. Because I’m not much of a painter or musician I need some other artistic outlet. My home serves as that artistic outlet.

Still, because I entertain clients at my house, there aren’t a lot of places I can really let my whimsical nature run free. I have to make things look conventionally acceptable in most of the rooms. The one exception to that is my bedroom. I can use any bedrooms ideas that I want, and it’s just fine. After all, only me and my wife ever see it.

Up until recently, I didn’t try any unconventional bedroom ideas. I was newly married, and both me and my husband were trying to be as accommodating to each other as possible. As such, I couldn’t really push the limits with my decorating at all.

Times have changed. It started out innocently enough. I put sconces up on the wall. That has always been one of my favorite bedrooms ideas. Candles are very romantic, and to me the wall seems like an ideal place for them. After all, when you put up candle holders on the wall, you ensure consistent light all over the bedroom.

I thought my husband might be a little bit hostile towards the project, but to my surprise he loved it. He agreed that it was romantic, and he found that it provided a very nice, soft light that was perfect for reading. I took this as permission to let my bedrooms ideas go wild.

Since that day, I have done all kinds of experimenting. Obviously, I started off by buying new linens for the bed. I went for the expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, something that I considered well worth the investment.

After all, having a comfortable, well-rested night of sleep is one of the most important things in life. I also bought a beautiful brightly colored down comforter, printed with pictures of animals, flowers, and exotic forest scenery. The comforter really helped to brighten up the whole bedroom.

My most extravagant bedrooms ideas, however, had to do with how I chose to decorate the walls. I decided to use ceramic tiles instead of the normal wallpaper. At first, my husband objected. He thought that it would be a little bit too busy, but once I started really designing a nice ceramic mosaic, he started to understand. And it turned out beautifully. Life is a lot more fun when you stretch the boundaries sometimes.

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